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Angel's Autographs


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Frequently Asked Questions....

* Do I need to send a SASE with my request? *

I always send a SASE with each of my requests.  I think it's common courtesy and I like to make it as easy as possible for the celebrity to send me an autograph.  If I'm writing to someone outside of the country I send a SAE and 2 IRC's (International Reply Coupons) that you can purchase at the post office.  These can be redeemed for postage in the other country.

* Where do you get the pictures you send to celebrities? *

I print most of my own photos out on glossy photo paper.  Sometimes I purchase photos from or I send pictures I've found in magazines.

* Do I have to send a picture with my request? *

No, most celebrities have their own publicity photos they use for sending out autographs, but if you are writing to someone via venue you need to send something for them to sign.  Don't send anything valuable or something that you wouldn't want to lose.  You may not always get your items back!

* Are any of your autographs for sale? *

None of my autographs are for sale.

* What do you store your autographs in? *

I keep them in acid-free plastic sheets and store them in a 3 ring binder.

* What is a pre-print? *

A pre-print is a photo that is a "copy" of the celebrity's autograph.

* What is an autopen? *

An autopen is a machine that copies a star's signature exactly and is able to sign over and over again.  Serious collectors dread both pre-prints and autopens!

* What is Studio Fan Mail and Celebrity Merchandise? *

Studio Fan Mail and Celebrity Merchandise are fan mail services that some celebrities use.  Both of these companies send out pre-prints and only pre-prints.  Anything that comes from either one of these companies is not a real autograph no matter how real it may look.

* Why don't you give out movie set addresses? *

Movie sets are not agencies and the celebrities are not there for an extended amount of time.  By the time I find these addresses myself, I usually only have a week or so before it will no longer be valid.  Personally I choose not to give out movie set addresses that I have out of respect for the other collectors that have put in the time to do their own research and have found the address themselves and want to use them.  Also, in order to preserve this hobby, many collectors, including myself, will sometimes not share an address for someone who normally may not be thrilled with autograph requests.  When a certain celebrity goes out of their way for a fan, it is appropriate to keep this to oneself in order to prevent abuse of the address.

* Where do you get movie set addresses? *

I mainly look on the internet through searches etc.  One thing you have to keep in mind is that to get successes from elusive celebrities, you have to do some work yourself. I have the same resources everyone else does I just put a lot of time (not to mention $$) into looking for addresses that people have not tried before.

* How do I write to someone via venue? *

Do a search on to see when a certain artist will be performing. Address your request to the artist and in c/o the concert venue so that it arrives a couple days before the actual concert date.

* How long does it take to get a response? *

This hobby requires one thing....PATIENCE!  Some requests can take a couple of weeks while others can take a couple years!  It does payoff when you find that envelope in your mailbox!  :)

Have Fun!